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I was born and raised in southwest Minnesota. I enjoyed baseball, snowboarding, and hiking as a child. I was very lucky to have inspiring and loving parents, grandparents, and a large extended family. After completing high school I attended college at McNally Smith School of Music where I received an Associate’s degree in both audio production and engineering. From there I moved to Tempe, Arizona to begin my internship with Tall Giant Recording Studio. While working at the studio my graphic design hobby turned into repeated freelance opportunities from bands and venues. In 2006, I decided to pursue design and marketing full-time. The last 10 years of my life were spent in Austin, TX working for GRAV, a glassblowing company specializing in affordable and durable cannabis products. Working alongside other founding members we built the company into an industry leader. In my time with GRAV we successfully launched over 450 products and increased sales by 1430% from my first to last year.


I can be classified as a artist, strategist, and terrible singer. I value working with inspiring artists over salary or influence. I believe that the most addicting sensation in the world is comradery and unfiltered collaboration and that it’s a privilege to see an artist developing their identity. I have recently moved to sunny Los Angeles where I work and live with my dog Wayne. In my spare time I like playing basketball and creating short videos. I am looking for freelance, contract, or full-time work with agency and in-house teams.


My philosophy comes down to three letters… WHY?  I believe that answering the question of why a product, event, or work of art was created is the most important aspect to connecting with your audience and allows you to communicates purpose, vision, and value. I believe all successful campaigns can be traced back to the artist or company focusing on the question of why as opposed to how or what. Taking a simple idea through to a finished project and elevating it along the creative process is an amazing feeling. It’s much more than moving pixels around, it’s about building a solid foundation for a business or project to move into the next stage.


Every project starts in the discovery phase. This is where I invest a lot of time to learn about the goals and background of the project. I examine past successes and failures, the competitive landscape, and potential roadblocks to success. From there I work with all parties to create measurable goals, define key traits that need to be communicated, and develop a mood board that fits the imagery and tone of the project. After the discovery phase I move into the design realm. Here’s where I fully immerse into the design of the project, exploring every solution possible. In some cases I compile a presentation that breaks down the created collateral, justifications for the decisions, and shows how the design functions in various settings and applications. In most cases client or team member feedback results in a second round of design. Here’s where I focus on finding solutions to the requested changes and removing any imperfections in the project.